• You say you want to change your life for the better but keep doing the same things over and over again, year after year.

  • You have big dreams but get so anxious when it's time to take action that you give up (and sometimes stay under the covers with some dark organic chocolate instead).

  • Your chest or stomach feels tight when you need to have a difficult conversation with your boss, a demanding client, your honey or your kids.

  • You care deeply about your family, community and the world and wish your anxiety didn't prevent you from having a bigger positive impact.

  • You often find yourself saying yes to others when you really want to say no.

  • You’ve faced more than one extremely stressful situation in your life (divorce or break up, move, job loss, death, etc) and may have some unresolved trauma.

  • You sometimes turn to emotional or compulsive eating, shopping, working, fantasizing, one too many glasses of organic wine or other unhealthy coping strategies to cope with stress (and then feel guilty afterwards.)

  • You’ve invested in other online and in person programs, retreats, therapies but still don’t feel truly confident and resilient because you don’t consistently practice what you’ve learned.

  • You wish you were more relaxed and confident when things don’t go according to plan or life sends a tsunami your way (maybe with a trifecta of relationship, work and health challenges all at the same time).

  • You’re great at starting to make changes but rarely stick with them long enough until you actually do.


If so, you’re not alone.

I get it.  Because I was you.

I was paralyzed by anxiety and stress, too.

It was when I was a diplomat working for the European Union in the field doing reconstruction assistance after the wars in the Balkans and someone was killed in a car bomb right in front of my eyes. Overnight I went from a successful, competent-looking professional traveling around the world in a highly prestigious and demanding job … to going to live on a quiet Greek island because of the anxiety that traumatic experience caused.

I felt hopeless and didn’t know what else to do.

For months on end, I couldn’t leave the house, gained 20 pounds from bingeing on chocolate (and anything else I could eat), was anxious about being in public, felt stressed around everyone and everything and practically became a recluse.

(Yep, even on a idyllic Greek island!)

I isolated more and more, all in an attempt to cope with the soul crushing anxiety.

That's how bad it was.  

But after well more than a decade of Buddhist meditation, mindfulness practice, yoga, therapy, a variety of other healing modalities and study with some of the greatest teachers in the world like Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Hala Khouri, and Dr. Gabor Mate, I've distilled the essence of what I've learned about stress, anxiety, trauma and resilience into an accessible online immersion program for the first time ever.

Everyday, people come to my classes, workshops, retreats and private coaching with challenges exactly like these where I share with them what I've learned.

And now I'm offering this unique experience to you in the Mastering Resilience Online Program.

In it, you'll learn the basics of the physiology of stress, anxiety and trauma, the neuroscience behind it, and how mindfulness and yoga can help. In addition, you'll have a chance to practice specific grounding techniques, meditations (some where you don’t even need to sit still) and exercises to help you better understand, tolerate and regulate your emotions.

Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to practice cultivating sustainable practices that are integrated into the fabric of your life during the program, and for the months and years to come. (Where the rubber really meets the road!)

By the end of this online immersion program, you’ll likely report that you:

  • Feel calmer, more relaxed and more emotionally regulated.

  • Are more prepared to handle the hurdles and challenges of life, as well as the highs (which can be just as challenging for many of us!)

  • Have a better understanding of who you really are emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • Are more confident that you can meet life as an opportunity with a sense of pleasure and joy rather than dread.

  • Feel a deeper sense of compassion for yourself and connectedness with those around you.

You know when you have a moment of realizing something so obvious and profound that you would never have come to yourself?

I realized that while I teach and practice ease and pleasure and embodied mindfulness, I did not practice those things when I was “working on my business.” Rather, I can get stressed, (tight) serious, (held together) and disappointed, (compressed). In trying to build business in a small town, I have not been walking my talk.

After working with Felina, I am bringing playfulness and authenticity to my actions of creating/inviting new work possibilities. Way more ease and pleasure. I am organically taking more breaks too. If you or someone you know could really use a conversation like that, she’s your gal!
— Constance N.

Want to find out more? Here's the scoop.


  • What's included in the program?

Here are some of the topics we’ll dive into during the 12-week program:

  • The physiology of stress, trauma and anxiety and what it really means for you.

  • Basic neuroscience and how you are wired to freak out (but also to relax, too!)

  • How your body can be your greatest resource for coming into a state of relaxation.

  • Why simply meditating isn't enough for many people.

  • How to gradually replace harmful coping strategies and addictions with more health-affirming ones.

  • How to cultivate the authentic and supportive community you crave, understand and use the crucial neurobiology of relationships to your advantage (and let go of the codependent crazies!)

  • Strategies for slowly developing a tolerance for intense sensations like anxiety but also joy, pleasure and arousal.

  • Ways to use yoga and the breath to help you better self-regulate during times of stress and anxiety (HINT: it may not be what you think!)

  • How to use mindfulness of the body and emotions to help you move out of anxiety and stress.

I felt bathed in love and awareness that you understood and really cared about my story and desire to evolve. You catapulted me back on the path to work on becoming my best self. You’ve proven to me it’s worth putting the time into understanding my mind.
— Eilieen P.
  • How is this different from other programs?

This program is designed to teach you the tools and principles that will help you cultivate long-term resilience in your life. Each part of the curriculum is designed to give you a firm understanding and practical tools and guidelines you can use and adapt no matter what you have going on in your life. As an added bonus, the Workbook will also help you to create a long-range plan for yourself so you continue to master resilience long after the live portion of the program is completed.

  • Is this program for me?

If you have mild to moderate anxiety and stress and are looking for additional understanding, support and options for your toolkit to help you get clarity about and achieve your personal and professional goals, this’ll be a fantastic resource for you. If, however your stress is chronically acute or you are suffering from severe clinical anxiety, this program may not be the best fit for you (although you will likely learn some new important information about the body’s role in stress and anxiety).

  • I'm dealing with an active addiction and trauma and anxiety are a big part of it. Will this program help me?

This program is not intended to replace therapy or a program of recovery for anyone facing addiction. It may, however, be a helpful adjunct to both of those. Talk to your support team, including your therapist or doctor, and check in with your intuition to see if body-based mindfulness practices and a better understanding of the physiology of trauma are right for you at this time.

  • What is this program content based on? Why can’t I just read the books by myself?

I’ve taught mindfulness and meditation and have worked with men and women with anxiety for years in places ranging from Google and the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, the Betty Ford Center and The Golden Door. I have distilled the essence of the works of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Dr. Gabor Mate, Hala Khouri, Peter Levine, and others in this program, so you don’t have to. Research has shown that long-term sustainable change benefits from not just individual motivation and action, but external support, authentic relationships and accountability-this is how we are wired. This program will give you these crucial components and foundational pieces so you’ll wake up excited about what the day will bring (and not dreading it!). Plus, the way our neurobiology works, isolation and loneliness are frankly some of the reasons why many folks feel anxious. The authentic community and support you’ll find here will help you start creating the relationships you truly need to thrive over the long-term.

  • I’ve done so many programs and when they stop, I stop doing the self-care practices I’ve learned. It’s so frustrating! How is this program different?

I hear you and I know how frustrating and disappointing that can be (after all, that’s what it was like for me for many years, too!) And that’s why I’ve created this online immersion program to be different. This program will not only give you the tools and education during your 12 week immersion, but our bonus resources will also empower and support you as you implement these changes over the next year and beyond.

That’s why, for this time ONLY, I have included not one, but TWO private one-hour coaching sessions with me personally, as well as a Workbook and an invitation to join our online private Mastering Resilience community.

FELINA 3.jpg
I have been a client and an attendee at public classes with Felina. She has a talent for sharing her wisdom and particular brand of spiritual coaching that blends philosophy, spirituality and universal coaching principles into one unique and effective package!
— Lori S.
  • I've tried to meditate before and it just made me more anxious! My head spins and it won't stop. Should I do this program?

YES! Again, you (along with your therapist, trusted doctor and intuition) are the best judge of what is helpful and what is harmful for you. What's great about this program is that you can pause it at any time, take a break, go for a walk, move around, perhaps do some journaling or yoga, and come back to it when you feel ready. Once you sign up for this program, it’s yours to keep, available 24 hours a day and something you can come back to again and again. There is no need to force anything, but over time with practice, the Mastering Resilience online immersion program will help you to develop greater capacity for self-regulation, relaxation and ease.

  • When does the program begin?

Sign up here to be notified the moment we re-open.

  • This sounds great. But I already spend WAY too much time on a computer. Can I still do this program?

Absolutely! You’ll be able to join live weekly calls on audio as well as on video and can listen in while you go for a walk in nature. (And doesn’t that sound great?!?)

  • I’ve got some travel coming up and might have to miss a live call? Can I still register for the program?

Certainly! While we want you to get the most from participating live, and trust you will prioritize your self-care, we understand that isn’t always feasible. Within 48 hours of each session, you’ll receive access to video and audio recordings so you can stay on track with the program.

  • This sounds amazing. But I’m still not sure if it’s for me. Can you help?

Absolutely! Click here to schedule a call.


This program is not for you if:

  • You are too busy to prioritize your own well-being.

  • You want a one time pill to fix you so you don’t have to practice long term self-care (sorry!)

  • You have complex PTSD and have not had some form of therapy.

  • You are actively addicted to drugs, alcohol, food or any other substances, or processes and not currently in some form of recovery.

If you still aren’t sure if this is for you, let’s hop on a call. Click here to schedule a call now.

  • How much time each week will I spend on the program?

The answer depends largely on how much time you want to devote to the exercises and practices. The program was designed to accommodate a woman who has a family, a job, and a full life. On average, you can expect to spend between two and five hours per week.

Think of it this way, if you have been out of balance, now may be exactly the time to give yourself what you need: the inner and external resources to master resilience.

(Plus think about how much time, money, energy and heartache you’ll save with less worry, anxiety and regret about all the things you wish you were doing with your precious life!)

  • Why are no refunds available?

I believe that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and can make the best decisions to meet your needs with the information available here and provided by your intuition. This comprehensive Q&A should answer many of your questions. If you participate in the live weekly trainings, do all the recommended exercises, use your workbook, participate in our online community and show up 100% for your private coaching calls, I am confident that you will feel more resilient than you ever have. This program is for action-takers and, if that’s you, and you honestly show up for the program, I know you’ll get better results than you can possibly imagine. If you have any concerns about whether Mastering Resilience is the right fit for you, feel free to hop on a call and we can talk about it during the open Registration period.

  • What kinds of results can I expect?

It depends on who you are and what you are dealing with as you enroll in the program. Women I’ve worked with report: more confidence, a greater sense of self-trust, more authentic relationships at home, work and school, a greater capacity to roll with the punches, greater groundedness, better health, more self-compassion, improved ability to stand up for your values and have an impact in the world for the causes you support plus the skills to engage more fully with life in every area.

  • This sounds AMAZING!  What do I do next?

Click the REGISTER button below now and get notified when registration opens again.

I love, love, love Felina! If you are looking for an amazing top notch down to earth coach, she is who you are looking for! I have loved every encounter I have had with her!
— Tammy Coia, The Memoir Coach

What’s included in the Mastering Resilience Online Program?

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A 12 week online immersion program with me, mindfulness coach Felina Danalis.

  • A unique and proven methodology to help you master resilience in your life.  

  • 5 carefully crafted modules created to support you along the path of transformation.

  • Real life tools and practices to start using today.

  • Unlimited access to 12 video recordings.

  • Unlimited access to 12 audio recordings.

  • Regular email support to help you stay on track.

  • Audio meditations.

  • Live Q&A sessions.


  • EXCLUSIVE THIS TIME ONLY: Two (2) one-hour private mindfulness coaching sessions with Felina that you can schedule as soon as you register (valued at $1200)

  • A customized workbook to keep you on track and organized during the program (and after!)

  • A private Facebook community to share, process, witness, and support you throughout the program and beyond.

  • Accountability Partners to support you and cheer you on.

Felina is incredibly insightful and full of ideas for how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into a busy schedule.
— Haley F.