Palm Springs Life Coach Felina Danalis

What's the difference between mindfulness, life coaching and Spiritual Fitness Coaching? 

Spiritual Fitness Coaching IS life coaching with a strong emphasis on cultivating mindfulness and developing the resiliency, internal alignment and inner resources you need to stick to changes in the long term. We will look at your values and how your life is in alignment with your own true priorities together, guided by the Co-Active coaching model developed by the Coaches Training Institute and supported by research from the Institute of Coaching. In other words, we will build your foundation of success on evidenced-based practices and enduring principles such as compassion, gratitude, authenticity, sustainability, mindfulness and other universal spiritual principles. 

How does Spiritual Fitness Coaching work?

Our engagement typically begins with an sample coaching session - on the phone, on Skype or in person at my office in downtown Palm Springs, California - where we will discuss your objectives, intentions and expectations. Chemistry is hugely important in this kind of personal relationship so this time gives us both a chance to explore if and how we can work with each other. At the end of our first session,  I will give you my recommendations and suggestions for getting started so you know exactly how we are going to work together in your already busy life. And if I am not the right fit for you, I'll make recommendations designed to help you get the results you deserve, and refer you to others if I think they would help better meet your needs. 

I’m pretty busy and don’t have time to meditate, do mindfulness homework with a coach, etc. Can I still work with you?

I work best with people who are willing and happily able to invest in their own well-being. Coaching requires effort on both sides, from the coach and the client. If you are not willing or able to invest your time and energy in your own well-being, nothing I will be able to offer you will make any impact. So if you are too busy or not quite sure if you want to make a commitment now, no worries. Join the mailing list, drop me a note to say hi, bookmark my site and come join on over to Facebook

Having said that, I know you live in the real world. I do, too. And I promise that for the clients I am right for, I will do what I can to share with you every tip, trick and short-cut I know and will deliver exceptional results. But where there are no short-cuts, I will tell it like it is. Invest in your own life because you are worth it. 

Is coaching a substitute for therapy?

Absolutely not. Spiritual Fitness Coaching is about building on the strengths you already have in your life and moving forward, not spending too much time looking into the causes and conditions of why things are the way they are right now. It is not designed to address deep-seated issues such as abuse and trauma, for example, and so working with a therapist may need to be your priority focus or a vital adjunct to working with a coach. My rule of thumb is generally to suggest that you incrementally add to your network of support while making sure your most vital mental health and medical issues issues are still tended to thoughtfully, gently and professionally. Coaching is about thriving, and providing the tools, skills and resources to men and women who are excited about that prospect.

How much does coaching cost?

During your sample coaching session, you will receive information about costs and pricing. My job, as I see it, is to give you the tools to help you transform and move through the hot-button issues in your life right now and give you a chance to practice using them.  Typically, you should expect to make a minimum commitment of working with me for at least three months. Costs vary from individual, weekly coaching sessions, to all-day intensives if that is what we determine is most likely going to give you the jump start you need to make real, lasting, permanent changes in your life. 

For highly motivated individuals engaged in social impact work who could benefit from coaching and cannot afford our standard rates, a limited number of Karma Coaching scholarships are available. This is to make the gift of coaching accessible to those who can demonstrate the positive impact coaching will have not just on them, but on their local community. 

What are typical benchmarks of success?

Our philosophy is based on the principle that you need to feel good about yourself NOW and once you feel good about yourself, small, sustainable changes in attitude and behavior will have profound impacts in every area of your life. 

And one more thing: you will never be shamed, blamed or whipped into shape. Ever. 

Typical results include greater joy, fulfillment, balance, meaning and purpose. Spiritual Fitness Coaching is about developing the capacity and skill of intentional living: being fully present, awake and engaged in your life, and making it the best one possible. In this moment. 


Palm Springs Life Coach Felina Danalis

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